Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Prologue - So it Begins

  Entry # 1

  My mama told me I should start a journal. To record my thoughts, and maybe give my future children an insight into my life before they were born. I think if I'm going to write a book on my life, I should start with the new beginning of my life. Maybe I'll even get Charlie to join in. That would be cool!
  So here it begins.

  This is Charlie. His name is actually Charles, but he thinks it's an old person's name. I agree with him. Plus, his daddy's name is Charles. I've known Charlie since we were babies. Our mamas were in the same class in high school, and honestly, everyone knows everyone where I grew up. It was small. I'm happy that we were chosen to be able to live in one of the new divisions in Sim Nation. Charlie and I just got married last week, it was a bit of a rush, I didn't even buy a white dress to wear. We also had our high school graduation last week. The day before our wedding actually. Probably not the best way to start things, but I think we'll be fine.

  And here's a picture of me! Uh, make up isn't really my thing, plus it's expensive. And Charlie just interrupted me to tell me how beautiful I look without it. I love him.
  So, most of our house was funded for us, but we have pretty much no money, so we're headed in tomorrow to learn what jobs we're being assigned. I'm hoping for something cool, like a secret agent, or astronaut. Going into space would be pretty neat.
  Apart from that, we adopted a sweet little kitty, her name is Milly. She's a sphinx, so no worries about my allergies. I'm super excited to see what life is going to bring to us here in Willow Creek. I hope everything works out well and we'll be able to apply as actual citizens before our children are here, then they'll be able to do whatever they like.


Hi there! I love random legacies. Up until recently, I've been playing Sims 3. Unfortunately, my laptop is a little on the old side, and unless I'm playing just the base game, it doesn't handle Sims 3 very well anymore. I'm playing Sims 4 with very very little CC, and it seems to be doing fine, so I'm hoping that continues. I won't be able to go back to Sims 3 until sometime next year. Currently trying to find a house to live in, and I have my second child due in October. My oldest child is going to be 18 months old when his little brother arrives, so it'll be a little busy around here soon. But anyway, here's to hoping I can make it a decent headway into playing and posting a little before then. I don't get to get on too often now that my son has learned how much fun buttons are to press (both mine and my laptops). But his naptimes and bedtime is always my favourite part of the day. (He's a very energetic boy).

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