Wednesday, 21 August 2019

1.1 - New Job

Entry # 2

We met some of our new neighbours today. Bob and Eliza Pancakes, and Mary Cornwell. Eliza brought a fruit cake. That was very sweet of her. They all stayed and chatted for a few hours before leaving. I'm hoping to keep in contact, and actually have some friends around here. I keep pestering Charlie to get out more. He's very much happy to just stay at home with our cat. It's great that he loves her so much, it makes me hopeful for our kids, that he's gonna love them just as much and spend so much time with them.

  I got an awesome job assignment, they called me this morning! They're training me to be a secret agent! I'm not sure why we need secret agents, I thought that was just in the movies. There's no other Nations, so what do they do? Oh well, I'm happy that I won't be bored with my job. Charlie got his assignment too. He's now a dishwasher, though he will have plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder. Especially since they specified they wanted him to move into mixology later, there's some new bars opening up that he will have the chance to work at. I'm happy they didn't take too long to get those assignments to us, I've heard some stories that it took weeks for other sims to get theirs.

I didn't realize how much it would rain in the spring here. Back home, the spring was just a warmer winter really. And hardly any rain. Charlie seems to love it though. He's a strange one, I tell ya.


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